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Icons from last year that I hadn't posted. I miss icon making, though surprisingly not as much as I enjoy my life offline. Thank you for all your lovely comments and concrit during my stay in the icon-community. :)







sh: the woman

25: PSD requests/offering

I have kept the PSDs for about 90% of my icons since I started posting to this comm and as of now they amount to around 2000 files. Needless to say that while I want to share them I don't think offering a more than 2GB zip file is the best way of doing that.

If you would like me to upload any of them, please leave a comment with the icon(s) to this post, I will edit the entry accordingly.

Feel free to ask questions if some steps in any of the PSDs are unclear. Also let me know if a link doesn't work or if I messed up the html.

Edit Aug 27th: If you dl any of these you can do with them whatever you like.

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